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RESTful Services With ASP.NET MVC

Posted in MVC by priyangpatel on September 10, 2009

I have found a very nice article of create RESTful Services With ASP.NET MVC.


?? Operator (null-coalescing operator)

Posted in C# 3.0 by priyangpatel on September 10, 2009

?? is used to define a default value for a nullable value types as well as reference types. It returns the left-hand operand if it is not null; otherwise it returns the right operand.

A nullable type can contain a value, or it can be undefined. The ?? operator defines the default value to be returned when a nullable type is assigned to a non-nullable type. If you try to assign a nullable value type to a non-nullable value type without using the ?? operator, you will generate a compile-time error. If you use a cast, and the nullable value type is currently undefined, an InvalidOperationException exception will be thrown.



SSRS 2005 limitations :

Posted in SSRS (Sql Server Reporting Services) by priyangpatel on September 7, 2009

I am working with SSRS (Sql Server Reporting Services) 2005 since last 8 months and i came across many limitations which should not be there with SSRS . SSRS is still getting matured so please go through following list before choosing SSRS 2005 for reporting in your system.

Does not support dynamic width for columns:

SSRS doesn’t support dynamic width for columns , also the main problem I found is if you will disable one column based on condition then remaining columns width won’t get adjusted to use hidden columns space. And its very frustrating.

Doesn’t support HTML rendering !!!!!!!!!:

Yes, Its correct that SSRS 2005 doesn’t support HTML rendering of sent data. It is really surprising for me.

CanGrow property :

SSRS controls have cangrow property, if its true then controls will grow based on its contents width. But its can grow in vertical direction but not in horizontal…..

If this property is set to false then it will auto trim data based on controls width. and then if you want to show “…” to show there are some more  data then you are in real trouble.

There are some more limitations are mentioned at here.

Hope all this problems are solved with SSRS 2008….:)

Some nice MVC videos

Posted in MVC by priyangpatel on September 3, 2009

Some really nice videos of MVC presented by Phil Haack.

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