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When returning DataReader from a function, specify CommandBehavior.CloseConnection

Posted in Visual Studio Tips and Tricks by priyangpatel on March 19, 2008

When you create an ADO.NET DataReader object, specify the CommandBehavior.CloseConnection enumeration in your call to ExecuteReader. This ensures that when you close the DataReader, the SQL connection is also closed. This is especially helpful when you return a DataReader from a function, and you do not have control over the calling code. If the caller forgets to close the connection but closes the reader, both are closed when the DataReader is created by using CommandBehavior.CloseConnection. This is shown in the following code fragment.

public SqlDataReader CustomerRead(int CustomerID)


//… create connection and command, open connection

return myCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection);


//… client code

SqlDataReader myReader = CustomerRead(10248);

//… read some data

myReader.Close(); // reader and connection are closed


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